The Process

Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care is a mutually beneficial program. Your trust in Latham Centers to care for your pet ensures that the Latham Centers clients engage with the community, encouraging interpersonal skills. Your pet will have the opportunity to learn from and be nurtured by both the clients and staff at Latham Centers.

The first step is scheduling a meeting between yourself (or a representative on behalf of yourself) and a Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care staff. At this meeting please have the Program Enrollment sheets that pertain to both you as the owner and your pet. 

From this meeting, you and the Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care staff will have a clear understanding of what YOU need from Latham Centers. 

Placement is found on an individual basis, after introduction of the pet(s) to Latham Staff, applications are filed, and agreement between both parties has been reached. 

It is important to understand that the Latham Centers clients who are participating in this program will be paid for their efforts. Approximately 20% of funds are distributed to Latham Residents and 80% to the cost of raising your beloved pet-based on the requirements you have outlined. These numbers vary for the Dog Walking program, with a larger percentage of the funds being distributed to the  Latham Centers client.