Cape Beach Dog
Your guide to dog-friendly Cape Cod,” this website outlines where on Cape Cod your dogs are welcome to roam the beautiful land and take in the beautiful scenery.

Cape Cod Pet Event Calendars

Cape Cod Today; Cape Cod Community News for you and your Pet
The Cape Cod Pet Network
Want to find out where you and your pet can go in order to truly enjoy living on Cape Cod? This Cape Cod news hub identifies pet-friendly events, pet-friendly stores and pet services that will help you manage where and when you take your pet in our Cape Cod Community.

Pet Proofing Your Home
Curious about learning how best to pet-proof your home for either your pet or a friends pet? Movoto encourages you and your furry friend to live safely based on household pet-proofing and safety tips.

Cape Cod Pet Friendly Hotels, Vacation Rentals and other Places to Stay

Pets Welcome; Cape Cod; Cape Cod

Trip Advisor; Cape Cod
Have a friend visiting from out of town with a pet?

Want to take your pet to a restaurant where he or she is welcome? Even more–would you like to find out which dog parks and beaches, in specific towns, are pet friendly? The above websites outline where you can take your pet, on and off leash, throughout Cape Cod.

10 Best Pet Insurance of Cape Cod
This Consumers Advocate report ranks 10 Pet Insurance programs, ranging from Healthy Paws to trupanion to the ASPCA. By learning the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can make an educated decision on which pet insurance will be best for you and your beloved companion.

Pet Tracking and Pet Protection

Home Again; A Lost Pet’s Best Chance

24 Pet Watch; Pet Protection Services

Avid ID

The above links will help you learn about, and decide on the best microchip program for your pet. A microchip is your best bet in the relocation of your pet in the unfortunate event that he or she should decide to venture out on his or her own.








Helpful Links for Seniors on Cape Cod

Community Care Resource Group
Community Care Resource Group is an organization of caring professionals who serve seniors in the Cape Cod area. This website will help you find meetings/events, help in your search for assisted living communities, and guide you in your search for elder law attorneys on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Seniors
A pet friendly search engine for elderly individuals on Cape Cod. This website helps identify where to live as you age, activities and specific medical supplies necessary for as you age, etc.

Cape Cod Senior Residencies
Cape Cod is a beautiful place to retire and live the last years to fulfillment. With communities around every corner focusing on healthy living towards the latter years, this website will help guide you in your decision of where you want to stay, and the conditions in which you want to live.

Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands
Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands allows you to sign up and receive healthy meals regardless of your ability to leave your home. Providing services to seniors and helping with any reports of elder abuse, this service uses federal, state, county, town and private funds. Volunteers are always available, and will help you help yourself.