Lifelong Pet Care

Latham Centers’ Lifelong Pet Care takes the worries away…into the future. This unique choice for Cape Codders gives you the control to plan now for the time when you can no longer care for a pet who might outlive you. This service offers peace of mind in knowing that your pet will be well cared for to your specifications.  Smart decisions can be made today that will benefit the family you leave behind, including the furry kind. Latham Centers will match your pet with the optimal Latham resident, residential facility, and residential aid to meet or even exceed your individualized wishes and your pet’s current and evolving needs.

Unlike shelters charged with brokering animal adoptions with someone you may never meet, the Latham Lifelong Pet Care option offers a communal home for the remainder of your pet’s life. Latham Centers will give you or family members the option to visit our facilities and interview with our staff in advance of pet placement. All Latham residential sites are fully licensed and insured.
Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care will provide the same level of care your pet received from you. Proper planning ensures that you will know exactly where your pet will live the remainder of its life. The care for your pet is documented in your Pet Trust through proper estate planning. With advance planning, you choose your caring pet guardians and make sure that monies are set aside to provide lifelong care for your pet in a safe and loving environment. As a professionally managed 501(c)(3) not for profit with oversight by a volunteer board of directors, Latham Centers’ finances are audited and certified annually by an independent firm.

Please consult an attorney in regards to your Pet Trust. Click here for a list of Cape Attorneys versed on the topic.

There are two options to pay for Latham Lifelong Pet Care including Pet Trusts and our Latham Centers Pet Therapy Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). To learn more information on Latham Centers’ CGA please click here.





We propose the option of establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity, in conjunction with a pet trust, to finance long-term and lifelong pet care. This option could also be applied to potential donors who do not have a pet to leave Latham, but who wish to take advantage of this investment option, while positively impacting our pet programs into the future.

Latham Lifelong Pet Care Charitable Gift Annuities CGA – A charitable gift annuity is a contract between a charity and a donor that allows the donor to transfer cash (or other assets) to the charity in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a monthly stream of income back to the donor. A percentage of the total charitable gift annuity, determined by the donor’s age, then provides monthly income back to the living donor. Upon one’s passing, Latham Lifelong Pet Care retains the residual gift. For more information about Pet Therapy CGA, please click here.

Latham Lifelong Pet Care Pet Trust – A Pet Trust is a document written in conjunction with an individual’s Last Will and Testament. Latham Centers is named as the Trustee of the pet trust. Latham, as Trustee, will then appoint a Caretaker for one’s pet. The Grantor (Trustor) may also name a Trust Protector who will ensure, along with Latham Staff that a pet owner’s wishes are carried out.