Dog Walking

At Latham Centers we understand that while you love your pet, you may not be physically able to care for them as you once did, especially through harsh and ever-changing New England climates. We also understand that many Cape Codders are professionals who doesn’t have the availability to care for their pets during daytime hours as they most prefer. With our Dog Walking Service option, we provide your pet with an “extra ordinary” walking service. The exercise and bonding opportunities benefit the well-being of your pet and that of our individuals with special needs, as they find new meaning and value as members of the community—helping you, and helping themselves, one friendly, brisk walk at a time.

Select Latham residents have been identified to render dog walking services and are accompanied by one-on-one staff. Funding for dog walking will be derived from customers and additional program donations to Latham, as well as to in-kind support from Latham’s program budget. Latham Lifelong Pet Care charges $17 per walk which covers transportation costs and the resident’s wage.

Latham Centers will help you formulate a dog walking schedule. Walks start at half and hour, but can be lengthened depending on your pets needs. Prices are negotiable depending on circumstance. 

Currently, we are offering reduced rates due to a generously donated grant.

Long Term Pet Care and Pet Sitting

Going in for an intensive surgery that will require a long healing process? Traveling out of town? Traveling but can't bring your beloved pet? We have the next best solution. Latham Residents will care for your animal based on your custom instructions for a longer period of time—from just one weekend to months. What’s more, if you are infirmed and recuperating on the Cape, we can arrange for visits with your pet accompanied by Latham caretakers to help ease the long absence from your furry friend.  As a step between Dog Walking and Lifelong Pet Care, Long-term Pet Care gives you an opportunity to ease toward Latham’s Life Long Pet Care Services. Latham Residents can either come to your home based on your instructions and arranged schedule, or your companion could live in one of our residential homes for a defined period of time. This allows for a  cage-free living environment in either option, and cost is malleable based on the needs of you and your dog or cat. For information contact Maura Smith at or (508) 896-5776 ext. 194.